Families come in all shapes and sizes.  Children of all ages need parents who love them.  Invest in your children and the rewards will last a lifetime.


With a group or individually with your mentor, learn how to apply Biblical principles to parenting and relationships.  Learn to seek wisdom and guidance in the pages of scripture.  Be renewed through the strength and power of walking with the Lord as you study His Word.

It has been said that "children don't come with instruction manuals".  We have the next best thing.  Our classes cover many of the issues you are dealing with.  Are you struggling with Whining? Tantrums? Sibling Rivalry?  Anger? Potty Training?  We can covering those in with our Parenting and Fatherhood curriculums.

 The Life Skills,, Special Circumstances and Positive Partnership curriculums will allow you to grow personally and financially.  Without basic life skills, it is difficult to make the right decisions about the future and avoid basic mistakes.  You will learn skills that will help you succeed in their financial, relational and professional lives.

Bible Study


  • Milestones
  • Labor and delivery 
  • Breastfeeding
  • Safety
  • ​Nutrition
  • Development 
  • Discipline
  • SIDS
  • How to Bond  
  • Pregnant, Now What?
  • Sleeping
  • Learning and Play
  • At-Risk Pregnancies
  • Single Parenting
  • Fatherhood
  • Co-parenting
  • Smoking/Drugs and Drinking

These nine months will be one of the biggest journeys of your life, but also one of the most challenging. Get advice from experts and moms alike on topics ranging from health and nutrition to psychological support.  With your personal mentor, you can learn what is happening to your body and your baby as you go through all stages of pregnancy.  

Worried about labor and delivery?  We help you learn about your options, make a plan, and prepare you well in advance for this amazing experience.

Looking to breastfeed, we have you covered there too with our outstanding series that answers all of your questions and gives you many helpful tips and strategies.

Parenting and Life Skills

​​ Pregnancy

Your little one is making big changes!  And you are watching as they move into the big world of walking, talking and learning.  Find out how to prepare them with skills and knowledge for this next big step in life.

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From first steps to first words, there are so many milestones to experience with your baby.   From taking their very first breath to rolling over and sitting up, change occurs quickly.  Don't let these memories pass.

Learn how to make these milestones special and memorable and provide a lovable and safe environment for your little explorer.