Earn While You Learn

Earn Baby Bucks for every session attended and each homework lesson completed to purchase items for baby in the Blessings Boutique.


The “Earn While You Learn” (EWYL) program is for parents, expectant parents and grandparents. 

Classes are simple and straight-forward
you select the lessons you need most

Weekly sessions, develop a relationship with your mentor who will guide you through the issues related to pregnancy and parenting, but can also address topics such as adoption, abstinence, single parenting, and drug and alcohol abuse, if necessary.

You will

have a volunteer mentor

and be encouraged that you CAN BE A GREAT PARENT!

JUST FOR DADS curriculum - Dad's you can be an "involved dad" and learn how to positively impact the life of your child.

Blessing Boutique Items Include:

                                 clothing, blankets, toys

                                                         items, diapers, wipes

                                                                                     cribs, car seats, swings

​                                                                                                                   many other baby items